The Journey

In the Summer of 2019, Shonna Berk had the opportunity to work on an equine commercial at the headquarters of MagnaWave – a producer of PEMF equipment. During the shoot she got to meet the staff and owners, learn about PEMF technology, and feel the “pulse” for herself. Shonna quickly realized she could bring this beneficial modality to her home in northern California and combine it with her work in the equine community. After becoming a certified MagnaWave practitioner, Shonna established West Coast MagnaWave. With roots in Sonoma County, Shonna is excited to continue growing her business up and down the West Coast.

The Partner

Pinsapo is Shonna’s heart horse. He came into her life in 2015 when she became a groom for the touring show, Cavalia Odysseo. Shonna can’t really explain it, but this charming PRE gelding stood out amongst the 65 other horses she helped care for. In 2018, Pinsapo was in Winnipeg, Canada and ready to retire from the show for good! Shonna leapt at the chance to adopt him and figured out a way to trailer him across the county to California.


Pinsapo now enjoys the simple life in Sonoma County – consisting mainly of trail rides and galloping down the beach. He will occasionally choose to show off some of his Cavalia tricks; such as Spanish Walk and certain Liberty moves. He also still enjoys getting his mane washed and re-braided every other week but life is much slower paced these days!


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The Connection

Shonna believes building a strong connection with every client is essential to the PEMF experience. Establishing this relationship with her clients, whether human, horse, or small animal, helps Shonna stand out from other MagnaWave practitioners.


PEMF can take some getting used to when introduced to a new body. Shonna understands that all bodies are unique and takes the time to allow her clients to process and experience PEMF in their own way, at their own pace. 



West Coast MagnaWave prefers to allow equine clients to bend and move freely, without ties or cross-ties.



The Process

West Coast MagnaWave travels to you, providing personalized PEMF sessions at the site of your choice. The first session may be longer than planned to ensure the client can adjust and accept PEMF. Shonna is committed to taking that extra time to help her clients into a state of comfort. 

For equine PEMF: Owners and trainers know their partners best. With that being said, West Coast MagnaWave prefers them to choose whether or not to work their horse before and/or after the PEMF session. Some may find it easier for their equine partner to reach a state of calm if worked prior to the session. 

Shonna prefers equine owners or trainers to be present at the first session but after introduction, with owner’s permission, is confident and communicative if sessions are done just her and the equine. Sometimes this process allows for a deeper connection.

Because it can take several sessions to reach a state of true relaxation, West Coast MagnaWave offers package discounts for human and equine clients.*

*Discounts and pricing can be found HERE.


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The Machine

The MagnaWave “Julian” is a high powered, spark chamber machine that has a built in timer and the ability to individually customize the intensity to each clients needs.

Attachment options include:

  • Large Loop
  • Butterfly Loop
  • Wave Wings (equine only)
  • Zoom Paddle
    • Zoom Hoof Box (equine only)

To learn more about this machine and the others MagnaWave offers, Please visit their website below.

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The Podcast

Shonna Berk is the creator, editor, and interviewer of Stable Connections- The Podcast.  

This Podcast is Shonna’s quest in flipping the conversation to focus more on the things we have in common as individuals, as well as a community.

Stable Connections- The Podcast offers a space for personal perspective and creates room for both the speaker and the listener to share, learn, and process together.

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