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Equine, Human, and Small Animal

Who Is West Coast MagnaWave?

West Coast MagnaWave is 

owned and operated by Shonna Berk, a certified  equine, human, and small animal MagnaWave practitioner.

Where Do We Service?

West Coast MagnaWave  

is located in Petaluma, CA;  however, 

we travel outside of Sonoma County often.

See below to find out when we'll be near you!

What is PEMF?

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF) imitates the natural pulse of the earth to help the body align into a state of wellness. By stimulating cell metabolism, increasing oxygenation, and reducing inflammation, PEMF causes a chain reaction in the body that improves health without drugs, invasive treatments, or adverse side effects. 

PEMF can reduce pain and swelling, improve energy, relax muscles, promote healing, and reduce stress. West Coast MagnaWave utilizes the power of PEMF to help equine, human, and small animal clients reach their full potential.

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Want to Know More?

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Stable Connections, The Podcast


Shonna Berk is the creator, editor, and interviewer of Stable Connections, the Podcast.


This Podcast offers a space for personal perspective and creates room for both the speaker and listener to share, learn, and process together.

By listening, we open the door to learning and by communicating, we open the door to connection.


You can find Stable Connections, The Podcast on Apple Podcast and Spotify.